When a Window Screen isn’t Good Enough! Small Critters That can be Super Annoying

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How to Get Rid of Critters

On those hot summer nights, you need to have the windows open just to get some sort of ventilation, but what you are doing is also letting in one of the worst party crashers in the insect kingdom.

While fly screens are great at keeping out flies and other bigger insects, there is one little critter that can get through even the finest fly screen. Midges.

When it comes to pests they are almost number one on the list. They probably come in more at number three behind spiders and cockroaches. Unlike spiders and cockroaches, they are hard to see and have a bite that itches for days.

Over the years we have seen a lot of DIY methods for trying to control them. Everything from finer mesh fly screens to dosing fly screens with store bought bug spray. The latter isn’t exactly the healthiest for you, your family, or the environment and from our experience does little to keep the buggers out.

So out of the hundreds of “solutions” you can find on the world wide web, what actually works?

The first thing we always advise is prevention. Check around the outside of your windows for any pooled water. This is prime spawning areas for midges and if you take away their home they might take a hike.

Once their habitat has been eliminated, you can make amazing midge traps using household products. In a small dish or cup fill it half way with apple cider vinegar. Add a few drops of your dish soap to the dish and place near where you think the midges are coming in. They go bonkers for the apple cider vinegar and the dish soap means that once they land they are trapped.

If you think your pest problem goes above some apple cider vinegar make sure to give us a call for more “aggressive” pest blocking action.

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