What are termite barrier systems?


Termite Barrier Systems Sunshine Coast

Termites are always bad news for your home. It also turns out that termite’s love living on the Sunshine Coast as much as the rest of us. So, if you are fortunate enough to call the Sunshine Coast home, you should be aware of your termite and pest control options. Though nowadays there are many ways to not only remove termites from your home but also to prevent a future infestation.

There are many different methods that pest controllers use to eliminate and prevent termites. Each method varies in level of effectiveness and it is important that you understand the options so that you know whether or not the service you are receiving is the best choice for you. One method used by Little Critters Pest Control Sunshine Coast is Termite Barrier systems. Little Critters Pest Control create a termite barrier for your home using chemical products and other equipment. The chemical liquid is applied to the soil around the perimeter of your home and/or under concrete flooring. There are other forms of termite barriers that are physical and have to be put in place during the construction of the home. A chemical termite barrier boasts the advantage of being able to be installed any time.

Are they safe?

The chemicals used to create this termite barrier are all environmentally friendly and registered for public use. All of the chemicals are also derived from natural sources or synthesized from natural derivatives.

How does it work?

The chemical barrier deters termites from entering your home. If termites do come into direct contact with the barrier, they will be exterminated. Over time this will kill off the entire colony as the effects of the treatment spread over the colony through the affected termites. This makes the chemical barrier system a highly effective and popular method of termite prevention for homeowners and business owners on the Sunshine Coast.

How do I get one?

Before you opt for a termite barrier system it is important that you have your home inspected for active termites. These will need to be treated before the termite barrier is installed as the barrier does not prevent damage caused by active termites already within the house before it is implemented. Little Critters pest Control offer termite inspections, and this can be done on the same day that your termite barrier is installed.
Simply call the friendly and professional team at Little Critters Pest Control Sunshine Coast to arrange an inspection and a termite barrier installation today.

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