Unknown health risks from infestation

Unknown health risks from infestation - pest treatment Sunshine Coast

When you see the signs of a pest infestation, it’s not just the wood in your walls or the food on the counter that should concern you. There are a lot of health issues that can arise from a pest infestation that many don’t know about.

Calling the exterminator can be a hassle, well some exterminators will make it easy for you, but you have to ask yourself what’s more of a hassle. Calling an exterminator or dealing with some health issues that could keep you on the shelf for ages?

Not feeling too well…

We all know that the fleas on mice caused the bubonic plague. Well, things might not be THAT drastic in your house, however, pests like mice and flies can bring salmonella and dysentery into your home by contaminating your food. Their droppings are like illness time bombs waiting to go off the next time you reach for the cereal.

Got rats? Well, you might be looking at contracting Leptospirosis. A nice little bug that’s caused by the liquid waste of rodents in your food or drink. Sound like a good time? I bet it doesn’t sound so good when you realise that it could lead to liver and kidney failure. Exterminator doesn’t seem like a hassle now, does it?

Don’t take a deep breath…

Ingesting waste from pests is an obvious way of getting sick that might seem like something you could avoid. One thing you can’t avoid? Breathing. Waste from rodents and cockroaches can distribute a nasty protein into your air that can cause nasty allergic reactions. These reactions can lead to asthma and respiratory infections.

These facts are not meant to scare you, well, maybe a little bit, but they are here to help you. The realisation that these “annoying” pests can turn into serious health issues for you or a loved one is reason enough to give us a call. Don’t wait another moment.