Types of termite protection

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Termite Protection Sunshine Coast

Effective termite protection in the Sunshine Coast with physical and chemical termite barriers! Find out which termite barrier system is best for your property!

Home termite control and regular termite inspections are absolutely essential throughout Queensland, and so are pre-purchase inspections. Be proactive and get in touch with Little Critters Pest Control & Termite Management Specialists on the Sunshine Coast now.

A Termite Management System involves specialised chemical or physical products which have been designed to prevent termites from getting into buildings from underneath or by a hidden route and force them out into the open where they can be watched and their routes identified, and will probably include a combination of chemical and physical features.

There are physical and chemical termite barriers as well as several choices to be made between liquid soil-applied termiticides, termite baits, building materials impregnated with termiticides, and wood treatments. Liquid termite treatment lasts five years or more, but some makes of bait stations should be maintained annually.


Termite Barrier Systems Sunshine Coast


Physical termite barriers

A physical termite barrier can be one of a variety of different materials installed during construction. The barrier works best when your home is inspected regularly. The inspections are the responsibility of the home-owner, who should also be aware of their warranty.

Chemical termite barriers

A chemical termite barrier is when a liquid chemical is applied to the soil around the entire perimeter of the foundations, and it should last for about eight years, however depending on environmental conditions we usually recommend replenishment after 5-6 years. Termidor (Fipronil) is generally used for termite control and is the most popular termiticide in Australia.

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