Holiday pests: The souvenir you didn’t want

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Tips to Avoid Pests on Holiday – Sunshine Coast Pest Control

Going on holiday is so exciting! When you’ve been working or studying all year, it’s so nice to take a well-deserved break. For some of us, the holidays are spent watching series at home, but for others, we like to spend our down-time off adventuring. Whether you prefer to stay in country and hit the tourist spots like Bondi or Sydney or travel internationally, holiday is always a blast. However, there are hidden dangers to going on holiday that you’ve probably never considered. While you may have prepared for some risks- like accidental injury or loss of cash- have you prepared for holiday pests? During the warm holiday weather is when most creepy crawlers tend to come out of hiding. You should bring home some souvenirs from your travels, but holiday pests- and bites from holiday pests- aren’t the things to bring home and show your friends. Here are a few tips to avoiding pests while on holiday:

Don’t keep your skin exposed at night: This is the number one way that people get bitten by pests while on holiday. Bugs and insects come out at night and, while the weather may be nice and balmy, exposed skin is an open invitation for bugs like spiders and mosquitos.

Use bug repellent: If you are going to be outside at all- regardless of the time of day- you should be wearing insect repellent that has DEET as an active ingredient. DEET is the most effective at killing pesty insects and can protect you both from bug bites and from bugs hitching a ride on your clothing.

Seal food: It may seem like a good idea to snack on fresh food outdoors- and you may even bring it to the plane or train station on your way home- but this can easily attract tiny pests. If you do choose to eat fresh fruits or veggies, make sure that they are always kept in a sealable container.

Don’t use perfume: While perfume may be effective at attracting other people, it can also attract insects. Because pests like sugar, they are attracted to sweet-smelling perfume. Besides, perfumes can also cancel out the effects of any bug repellent so it’s best not to use them while on holiday.

When you’re on holiday, the only thing you should be worried about is what you’re going to do to have fun. You shouldn’t have to be paranoid about getting bitten or accidentally bringing home holiday pests. If you follow these tips from our Sunshine Coast pest control specialists to avoiding insects while on holiday, then you won’t need to worry at all! Don’t let holiday pests ruin your trip. Be prepared. You’ll thank yourself later.

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