Things you are doing that’s inviting critters

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No one wants pests in their home. We’re not talking about folks that like to keep mice and rats as pets. There is a big difference between pets and pests, mostly where “s” is located. However, there could be things that you are doing around your home that are leaving out the welcome mat for the creepy crawlies.

You aren’t the only one that likes a hit of the sweet dark stuff from time to time. Chocolate is full of sugar and carbohydrates which draw mice and rats. Try not to leave chocolate or the discarded wrappers laying about as it could bring the pests. Store your chocolate in the fridge, or if you don’t like it cold in an airtight container.

Fruit and Veg
Some trade-offs are needed for fresh fruit. You might want to have some apples and bananas on the counter ready for a quick snack for yourself or little ones but it’s also attracting insects and mice. While storing the fruit in hanging baskets and bowls might help protect it from some things fruit flies will find it no matter where you place it. The Fridge is once again the ideal place for fruit and veg as it’ll keep the pests away.

Keeping bread or pasta on the counter might be convenient but it’s also very inviting for pests. The bigger thing to watch out for is crumbs left behind by eating. If you eat on the couch the crumbs that fall in between the cushions or under the coach are like a Sunday Roast to pests. Always make sure to clean up after eating and if you must eat on the couch you’ll need to give it a good vacuum regularly.

While there is no way to completely safeguard your home against pest, you can minimize your invitation to them. If you are having a pest problem you can give us a call and well sort you out right away.