The truth about pest control & the chemicals

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There are a lot of myths when it comes pest control. Some of it is around the threat of being “ripped off” but mostly there are myths about the chemicals or methods used by exterminators.

What most myths tend to forget is that the chemicals that are used for pest control are used by actual humans every day. Those humans work for companies that need to keep their workers safe, and manufactures that are trying to help and not harm.

It’s all a scam and I can do it myself

While there are a lot of over the counter pest control products on the market, when you hire a pest controller you are also getting knowledge. For example, our experts know the nesting habits, the hidden tricks insects and rodents use to stay “out of sight”.

The chemicals used by our team are used in the safest manner with your family’s health at the forefront. While something you buy at the shops might be able to get rid of the “immediate” problem there is a bigger pest fight that will need to be had with a professional.

The other issue is that even if you decide to go the DIY route, there is still a lot of problems you could encounter. If you don’t follow the instructions closely you could be doing more harm then good.

Even if the original evidence of an infestation is gone, you would be wrong in thinking an over the counter remedy would fix the problem. Those pests have only temporarily retreated in order to build for their next attack.

While there are a lot of opinions about pest control and pest control chemicals, the best people to talk to are the experts. A no obligation quote and chat about your worries with our helpful staff will give you peace of mind and the pestless result you are looking for.