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There are over 360 species of termites in Australia. That is almost as many cheeses as in France, but I don’t recommend eating them. They do a lot of harm to cellulose-based products like crops, timber as they ‘recycle’. Some species are worse than others, but it takes a professional to tell the difference between subterranean, drywood and dampwood varieties.

Ogden Nash said “Some primal termite knocked on wood and tasted it and found it good! And that is why your Cousin May fell through the parlor floor today.

Subterranean termites are found infesting buildings and destroying wood all over the world. They are the most common type of termite and one of the most destructive pests. Outdoors they live in colonies in a variety of locations such as old dead rotting tree stumps. Indoors they can have sub nests in and around timber and wall cavities. They need moisture to survive though, and tunnel through earth for water. In regions like the Sunshine Coast they forage all through the year, but especially in warm, wet weather.

Drywood termites don’t following the wood grain as subterranean termites do

Drywood termites live in small colonies inside softwood and hardwood furniture or timber, feeding on them. If the humidity is high enough for them to get sufficient moisture from the wood, colonies can continue undetected for years until the wood collapses or the termites swarm when the population reaches a critical point and the alates have to leave the nest for a new site.

You need professional experience and equipment to solve termite problems

Dampwood termites are found in moist decayed wood such as tree stumps and logs touching soil, usually outside, but also inside if there is a water leak. Small colonies form large open galleries in the timber they feed on, and may not be found for years, until the alates swarm. They are generally less serious and can be controlled.

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And those are just three examples of termites. Every property should have a termite inspection every year. If you need one, why don’t you call us: Little Critters Pest Control & Termite Management Specialists? We operate up and down the Sunshine Coast, from Caloundra to Noosa and into the hinterland, and are locally owned. Little Critters provide a complete range of both domestic and commercial pest removal services.

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