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William Morton Wheeler, an early-20th-century American entomologist started off believing that termites and ants were communitarian and democratic, but then began to worry that they foretold “the eventual state of human society”: “very low intelligence combined with an intense and pugnacious solidarity of the whole.”

How much?

In the USA, termites demolish between $1.5 and $20 billion worth of property annually.

And in India…

In Patna in 2008, trader Dwarika Prasad lost his life savings of hundreds of thousands of rupees after termites infested his bank’s safe deposit boxes and ate them up.


In 2011, staff at the Uttar Pradesh branch of the Bank of India were found guilty of ‘laxity’ for allowing termites to eat 10 million rupees worth of banknotes. However the termites left the identity numbers of the notes intact.

And in Southern China…

In 2013, a woman in Shunde, Guangdong Province, was given 400,000 yuan by her children and she hid them in a plastic bag in a wooden drawer. Termites ate the whole lot!

And in the USA…

In 2014, Emily H wrote: “Our realtor told us there are two types of houses. Those that have termites and those that don’t yet.”

‘And if you can hear them, you know you are in deep trouble’

Houses on the Sunshine Coast are regularly declared uninhabitable due to termites. In 2016 the wooden truss holding up the roof of a house in Buderim crumbled ‘like dry bread’ just two years after a Building and Pest Inspection. The house was auctioned by its devastated residents and went to a builder/developer, who restored it.


In September the journal BMC Biology published an article claiming “findings by researchers at the University of Sydney, Australia and Kyoto University, Japan suggest that males (termite species Glyptotermes nakajimai) are unnecessary for the maintenance of some advanced animal societies in which they previously played an active social role.”

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