What to do when your neighbour has termites

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So you find out your neighbour has termites, perhaps you have seen them receiving treatment. Is this a cause for concern and should you then book a termite inspection? The simple answer is yes.

Termites active within your area should be a neighbourhood wide concern. This is because termites can travel up to 50 meters from their nest meaning that whole neighbourhoods is at risk if one home is found to have termites.

The termites in your neighbours home could have even travelled through and under your home first. If termites are found within your neighbourhood or a close surrounding neighbourhood it is strongly recommended that you book a professional termite inspection as soon as possible. This inspection could save you thousands of dollars in damages!

If termites are found on your property as well, treatment can be performed and then barriers and baits can be put in place to prevent future termite problems.

Termite bait stations and chemical termite barriers can be put in place by a professional pest controller or termite management specialist even if no termites are detected to protect your home from termites even if neighbouring properties later become infested.

It is also recommended that if termites are found on your property that you let your neighbours know and potentially save them thousands of dollars as well.

Ensure your home is protected from termites and contact the friendly team at Little Critters Pest Control & Termite Management Specialist to talk about inspections and to book.

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