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Termite Management Systems Sunshine Coast

We all know what a termite inspection entails and why it is important to have one. If you own a home or a business on the Sunshine Coast, no doubt you will have heard horror stories about termite damage and been warned of the risk of infestation. Turns out termite’s love living on the sunshine coast as much as the rest of us. Inspections are great to identify if you already have active termites within your home however, a termite management system can prevent pests from entering your home and wreaking havoc in the first place.

What is a termite management system?

A termite management system can take many forms. The systems can involve chemical or physical products that prevent termites from reaching your property.

What is the difference?

A chemical termite barrier is a form of a termite management system. The chemical termite barrier is applied to the soil surrounding a home or business and/or to the soil under concrete flooring. Chemical barriers are very effective at preventing termites as they do not only deter the insects from coming near your property, but also exterminate the insects and the colony. When a termite comes into direct contact with the barrier they will be exterminated. This will also over time cause the colony to become exterminated as the effects of the barrier are spread through the colony via affected termites. Chemical termite barriers can be implemented before or after your home is built.

A physical termite barrier is another form of a termite management system. This termite management system must be installed during the construction of the home or business building. These products separate your home from the ground to prevent termites from being able to enter your home and cause damage to your property.

To do before!

It is imperative that before you have your termite management system implemented, that you have a termite inspection to ensure that there are no active termites within your home. If you do have active termites, you will need these to be treated. This is because termite management systems are excellent at preventing termites, but they cannot treat active termites that are already within a property.

How to get a Termite Management system?

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