Do I need to do a termite inspection when buying a house

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Termite Inspections for New Homes in Sunshine Coast


Please be very cautious and let leading professional experts help you to find out if your wonderful new home is a long-awaited dream or a hidden nightmare

It is always very exciting to buy a new home, but you have to remember that at the end of the day you are making a very big financial decision – perhaps the biggest you will ever make. It may seem like you are getting the very best deal on the market at first, but then if problems arise when you move in, they will cause you a nightmare, as well as unexpected expense. And that is when you start to wonder what else could be wrong with your lovely new home – and how come you never noticed before buying it. This can be very easily avoided by having qualified experts come in to check everything for you before you make that final decision.

Little Critters Pest Control and Termite Management offer a detailed pre-purchase inspection that will save you from future troubles

The most common issue faced by a home buyer on the Sunshine Coast is termites: silent and invisible, they are very difficult to spot. Often you only notice a termite infestation when damage has already been done, which is why a thorough termite inspection is always vital. Little Critters Pest Control and Termite Management is a Sunshine Coast based family-owned business and we offer full pre-purchase inspections with a comprehensive report and any recommendations afterwards. If an infestation is found we will come up with the best and most affordable termite management plan specially thought out to suit your circumstances.


Building Termite Inspections Sunshine Coast

If you find an infestation before buying a house and it is not a deal breaker, Little Critters have a superb termite management system that will protect your new home

Pre-purchase inspections and a house with a good termite management system will always increase the value of your property in the long run, and regular termite inspections and installing termite management system/systems + areas or termite barrier system/systems + areas will deal with your pest control problems.

So, whether you are buying or selling, Little Critters Pest Control and Termite Management can help you seal the deal. Little Critters protect families, properties and businesses throughout the Sunshine Coast and the hinterland. Call or email us today.