What Attracts Termites to a House?

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Termites are attracted to a house for a number of reasons. One of these reasons is moisture. Moisture is an attractant for termites as they thrive in damp environments. Unfortunately, it is common for there to be moisture within a home that can go unnoticed and unfixed that acts as an invitation for termites to enter your home and begin to feast.

Common causes of moisture are leaks within the home. This includes leaking taps, shower heads and toilets. There can also be moisture underneath your home should there be a plumbing issue underneath your slab. These leaks should be fixed as soon as possible and homeowners should check inside and out for any signs of leakage or moisture.

And of course, we cannot forget moisture on the outside of the home. Air conditioner overflow pipes are a common source of moisture external of the property that attracts termites. It is recommended that moisture is diverted from the house by the air conditioner being plumbed into the downpipes which are directed to the stormwater drain and not the ground as this further prevents moisture near the home.

Another termite attractant is mulch. Mulch is a termite dream. It provides a cool moist environment, ideal to termites, while also gives great cover for their underground tunnels. That is not to say that you cannot or should not have mulch on your property. Mulch is a very attractive addition to any garden, extra precautions must be taken however to ensure that this feature is not acting as a welcome mat for termite pests. Leave a buffer between your mulch or garden bed from the side of your home, keep the mulch dry and check for signs of termites regularly.

You can always book a professional termite and pest inspection to ensure that your house is critter free or to prevent a future infestation.

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