7 Common Misconceptions About Termite Management

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Never underestimate the termite: it is still on earth and thriving after more than 250 million years!

Bear in mind the following misconceptions about termite management and always consult the professionals when it comes to securing your home against these destructive and dangerous insects.

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Does one termite control method cover all?

Not so! There are too many different variables and each home is unique so it is essential that the treatment used is tailored to your particular needs.

Does using cement instead of wood ensure that you will not have a termite problem?

Absolutely not: your house will still be vulnerable if it contains any cellulose. Just one termite able to make its way through a crack in the structure is all it takes to start an infestation.

Is a regular termite inspection really necessary?

Prevention is still the best cure. Schedule regular inspections – at least annually, if not more often – in order to keep on top of any potential termite problem.

Do insurance policies cover termite damage?

Check whether your home insurance policies cover termite damage, because many policies only provide termite damage cover upon request. If you do not make sure that your policy has the necessary clause, that may prove very costly.

Do termites have a short life cycle?

Far from it. While termite soldiers and workers live for up to two years, the queen can survive for 10 to 20 years, laying an egg every three seconds — that is about 30 thousand eggs every day — to maintain the size of the colony.

Is DIY enough to contain any problems that may arise from termites?

Even if this appears to be a more economical solution, it may prove considerably more expensive in the long run. Without the right chemicals and technical expertise, little will be achieved – and certainly not enough to keep any termite problems at bay.

Is it true that termites will not attack your home if there is a lot of mulch or decaying wood nearby?

Another fallacy! Decaying wood may be easier to chew, but termites are always hungry and prepared to seek out new sources of food to eat or to store. They are voracious eaters and hoarders, so this is merely an old wives’ tale.

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