A guide to termite inspection and management on the Sunshine Coast

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Which termite barrier system would be best for your property? Of course, first and most important are pre-purchase inspections, but then come essential home termite control and regular termite inspections to check that there are no active termites on your property.

Sunshine Coast – Best Termite Inspection & Management Methods

Along the entire Sunshine Coast, Little Critters Pest Control & Termite Management Specialists offer the best and most advanced pest control treatment methods to exterminate termites in your home, office or any other structure. And Little Critters are both cost-effective and affordable.

Little Critters Pest Control & Termite Management Specialists will advise you professionally on all the different Termite Management Systems, but basically they involve specific chemicals in a chemical barrier under and around a building, or a physical barrier which will stop termites creeping into a building and establishing colonies. Physical barriers are very effective, but have to be set in place during construction, as they separate the building from the ground to stop termites from coming in at all, whereas chemical barriers can be installed at any time.

You can count on Little Critters Pest Control & Termite Management Specialists to have and to know just how to use the right tools, the right equipment and the right eco-friendly and resource efficient pesticides, which are not dangerous to human beings. And always at the right price too.

There are liquid, soil-applied termiticides, termite baits, and building materials impregnated with termiticides, monitoring and bait stations as well as wood treatments to consider before you need to make a final decision. The liquid termite treatment lasts for between five and eight years. Baiting stations may need to be serviced regularly throughout the year, but most importantly termite inspections need to continue to take place at least annually.

Annual Termite Inspections, Sunshine Coast

Little Critters Pest Control & Termite Management Specialists has a skilled team of expert pest control technicians who are able to quickly assess, monitor, plan, and then implement successful solutions to every pest issue that may arise. That’s where experience really counts. Be wise, stay safe.

And Little Critters use an integrated, structured, science-based approach to accurately identify the exact source of each problem, and their comprehensive solutions are tailor-made for your specific problems.

Choose Little Critters so you can be pest-free, trouble-free and carefree – just call Little Critters Pest Control to inspect and then eliminate any and every pest on your property – after all, they are the very best on the Sunshine Coast. Make an appointment for a free quote today.