Signs you may have termites

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Warning Signs of Termite Infestation – How to Check?

Do you know what termites sound like? Have you ever thought you were hearing little clicking sounds coming from your walls? Those are soldier termites shaking themselves and banging their heads, signalling danger to all the other termites. Then you hear the munching, crunching noises made by the worker termites eating your wood. Look for mud trails outside and blistering inside, damp areas and soft floor boards as well.

Recent studies show that termites like rock music too, and that they can even measure a piece of wood using vibrations

But you can usually see termites – or at least alates, flying termites – before you hear them, when they leave the nest after it has rained to find a mate and build a new colony. When they do find a mate they slough their wings, and you find those all over the place. Meanwhile the happy couple crawl off to a suitable home, seal themselves in and mate – and that is the beginning of a new colony. But as termites can’t survive in the open and are difficult to find, you probably will not see any signs before you find serious damage. Termites are not white ants though. They are paler – almost translucent – with straight antenna. Both have two sets of wings, but termites’ wings are all the same size.

The king and queen termites look after the young until there are enough workers to do that. Termites damage over 30,000 Australian homes every year. This is not covered by insurance and the average repair bill is over $10,000


How to Treat Termites in the Sunshine Coast

If you find termites on your property, don’t panic, don’t disturb them and don’t try to treat them yourself. Call Little Critters Pest Control & Termite Management Specialists straight away and let us deal with your termite problem, now and in the future with regular post-treatment inspections.

Stay alert and protect yourself!

But to limit any chances of an infestation, make sure nothing is stacked against the walls of your home that could hide anything, check that no taps, garden hoses or air conditioners are leaking, and remove mulch, compost heaps and stacks of wood that are close to the house.

You can rely on Little Critters Pest Control & Termite Management Specialists – call today