Scariest places rodents have shown up

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Finding evidence of a rodent problem in your home isn’t the best feeling in the world. Still, it could be better than seeing the offending critter itself. What would you say if we said that it could be worse? Now before you get the matches to try to cleanse your house by burning it to the ground, some of these examples are very rare but could give you a fright if not prepared.

Cupboard food

There are plenty of stories circulating the internet about rodents popping up in food. We’re not talking about the deep-fried kind that one guy found in a bucket of fast food chicken, though that would ruin a night really darn quick. We are talking about rats or mice that each either decided that your cupboard is an “all they can eat” buffet or ones that may have gotten trapped at the factory.
If you notice the corner of a box looks a little “chewed” that might be evidence that a rodent is making a meal out of your meal. Investigate further as you don’t want to end up eating breakfast with an unexpected “friend” when you pour your cereal.

Second-hand clothing

There might be a reason that you got such a bargain on that item of clothing from the second-hand store or yard sale. While no one will believe they tried to give you a pet to give you bang for your buck, there have been plenty of stories of bargains coming with more than the buyer bargained for.

When buying these items, always check the lining for nibble marks, and always check the pockets of jackets, coats, suits, and pants. While the likelihood of you finding a mouse or a rat is small, there is also the chance that you might find some cash. There’s nothing like items that pay for themselves.

No matter where you are in your house, coming face to face with a rodent is not something that people really want to do. If you believe that you might have Mickey’s cousins crashing at your place, you’d be doing yourself a big favour to give us at Little Critters Pest Control a call, and we can tell them that there is no vacancy at your place. Learn more about mice and rat control in Sunshine Coast!

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