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Pre-Purchase Termite Inspection Sunshine Coast – From $245 If you are buying a home on the Sunshine Coast, then get your pre purchase termite inspection done by Little Critters Pest Control. The professionals in termite inspection and advice.

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Almost everyone the buys a home these days gets a pre purchase termite inspection done. Passing this inspection is often written in to the condition of sale as part of the purchase contract. We provide a comprehensive pre purchase termite inspection on the Sunshine Coast for as little as $245. Our friendly staff can also check for other pests while we are there if you choose. While it is rare that the vendor will be trying to offload a property due to existing termite damage, it is definitely worth it to check for any existing termite activity in a home you are considering buying. We can also identify signs of previous termite damage and offer you advice on how to prevent termites being a problem in your new home over the years to come.

As part of a termite inspection for a house you are planning to buy, we can get the job done either while you are there with us or independently. Either way we will create a full report that you can keep including the findings we make, including any immediate problems, areas of your home that may be more susceptible to termites in the future and any recommendations to reduce your risks. Arranging a pre purchase termite inspection is easy, just give us a call and we can carry out your inspection anywhere on the Sunshine Coast well within the time frame of your purchase agreement.

We are offering 0% finance options on selected termite management systems, contact us for further details.

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