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Pest control is as old as agriculture itself, and chemical pesticides have been used since 2500 BC. Pest controllers can locate, identify, and remove pests by setting traps, putting down pesticides or modifying structures, having studied the pests’ biology and habits. Pests are not harmless.

Pest Management & Treatment Systems in Sunshine Coast

Hygiene is the oldest method of pest control: keep your house and yard and septic tanks clean, and use fly screens

Biological pest control uses other organisms to control insects such as mosquitos and mites. Mechanical pest control provides a protective barrier between plants and insects. Pesticides become less efficient over time. Forest pests are not easy to access. Traps, poisoned bait, sprays, fumigation, sterilization and insulation are other methods, but for all pests, from moths, cockroaches and beetles to ants, fleas and bedbugs to termites and mosquitoes and, of course, rodents, these are all reasons why it is wiser to consult a specialist than to try and eradicate them on your own.

Pest control is actually like going to the doctor — you need a professional diagnosis. And wherever possible Little Critters use non-chemical methods if they provide satisfactory pest control, otherwise we have the most up-to-date and least toxic chemicals, techniques and technologies

Pest control really is necessary to keep you safe and healthy, because often rodents and insects carry diseases, and if they infest your home they may bite or sting you and your pets. A pest control professional focuses on why the pests are there and tries to change the environment that brought them.

Little Critters Pest Control & Termite Management Specialists use the right tools and the right equipment and the perfect pesticide that is environmentally friendly and safe

Little Critters’ goal is to protect your family, property and business and to ensure your residential or commercial property remains pest free and safe. Our professional service sets us apart from and above the rest. For all pest control issues, from pre-purchase termite inspections to termite management.

Little Critters Pest Control & Termite Management Specialists are fully qualified, capable, professionally trained and licensed technicians. We know what we are doing. Our pest management experts can solve your pest problems, and that is why our clients come back again and again and recommend us to their friends. Call us today!