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Call Little Critters Pest Control for a complete
termite inspection at your home. We offer pre purchase termite inspections and
treatments of existing homes if required.

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Little Critters Pest Control are a locally owned Sunshine Coast pest controllers that provide a wide range of both domestic and commercial pest removal services. Whatever the insect or rodent pest you have a problem with, we can remove it for you.

Termite Removal in the Sunshine Coast

On the Sunshine Coast we live in a beautiful area, but it is also popular with termites. To protect your home from the threat of damage from these pests, we can provide a full termite inspection of your home. If required, we can also provide solutions with a variety of termite treatments to choose from depending on where your house is, how it is built and other factors.

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The most common time people choose to get a termite inspection done is when they are buying a new house. Of course, you don’t want to invest in a property only to find it is damaged by termites that you will have to pay to remove and fix the damage they may have caused. A pre-purchase termite inspection can be carried out in a few hours. As part of this service we can also give advice on preventing termites from entering your home. Because termites can cause such big problems, any person carrying out a termite inspection on the Sunshine Coast must be certified. At Little Critters Pest Control you can trust us to do the job well and thoroughly and are certified to provide advice to our clients. We can install termite baiting stations to provide early warning of possible termite activity, create a termite barrier with chemical products and other equipment or just identify the danger areas in regards to your homes construction where termites find a way to the wood that is part of your home. But these are steps that can be chosen at a later date. The first thing to do is carry out the termite inspection to make sure there is not an existing problem. Many home owners also choose to have an annual termite inspection as part of their home maintenance schedule.

Whether you live from Beachmere to Gympie, if you want to use the termite inspection service Sunshine Coast residents trust, contact Little Critters Pest Control today.

We are offering 0% finance options on selected termite management systems, contact us for further details.


Some of the pests we can eradicate include:

Whatever pest you have a problem with, let Little Critters Pest Control remove them for you.

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