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Silverfish have different varieties and are silver or gray in color. Their bodies are shaped like carrots with heaps and heaps of antennae. They are likely seen during night time. Next to cockroaches, is as creepy and a nuisance in our homes. It is hard to get rid of this pest because silverfish are nocturnal creatures but when you see one in your home, have it exterminated right away.


They can destroy a lot of your stuff such as wallpaper, boxes, paper, dry goods and books; anything that are starchy like. Definitely you don’t want a silverfish destroying what you have but Little Critters specialise in silverfish treatment and uses environmentally safe pesticides. Our teams of professional and certified technicians is knowledgeable and have the experience in pest control treatment whether it’s a silverfish, rat, mice and other rodents. The University of California suggests the following in order to monitor silverfish infestations in your place: “Since firebrats and silverfish are nocturnal, you usually won’t see them. To detect and monitor infestations, use cockroach sticky traps. You also can use small, glass jars covered on the outside with masking tape.


Silverfish Inspection & Management Control in Sunshine Coast

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The insects climb up the tape, fall into the jars, and can’t climb back up the slick sides. Place these traps or jars in corners and along edges where foraging is likely. Because these insects can travel long distances while looking for food, it can be difficult to pinpoint the infestation source.” It’s best to prevent infestation of silverfish and control their population while you still can. If it worsens you can also call Little Critters to exterminate all kinds of pests. Now you can get some good night’s rest without worrying about crawling pests in your homes. It would be nice to have your home pest free, rodent free, safe and clean!

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