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Cockroaches are pests that don’t go away easily; they get to almost anywhere they can including boxes, furniture, wall cracks, sewers or even drains! Managing cockroaches is possible using pest control techniques which are focused only on eliminating cockroaches.


To get rid of this pest, household products and strategies is not enough. It needs the help of Little Critters Pest Control where we send out qualified pest control technicians to the rescue. We do cockroach control on the sunshine coast and the surrounding areas. Know that cockroaches carry bacteria that can cause diseases and these illness- causing organisms lie and wait on the cockroaches legs and bodies. Once cockroaches step on to something these organisms are dropped on food and other objects at home. Cockroach removal is important to keep you and your family safe and protected against diseases. Remember that the age groups vulnerable to asthma and allergies are the elderly and young children. If you have older people and kids living in your homes, be wary of cockroaches hiding inside the cupboards, cabinets or other areas where they have easy access.


Cockroach Management & Inspection Sunshine Coast

cockroaches removal sunshine coast cockroach management and pest control services


Once you find out there are cockroaches in your place, call us right away for assessment, inspection and pest control treatment. There are a few things to keep in mind in order to control cockroaches in your home or office. Do an inspection around your area, inside and outside just to check for possible breeding sites. Remove food particles as this can attract cockroaches. Keep food sealed at all times! Cockroaches love damp places and one of their breeding sites is water. If you water collecting inside your place or a leak perhaps, have it fixed right away to avoid multiplication of cockroaches. Use sticky traps to catch them and place traps on areas where you often see them running around. It’s always best to be prepared and ask assistance from a professional pest control team when it gets uncontrollable.

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