Ants Removal Sunshine Coast

Most ant species prefer warm sunny climates, just like we have here on the Sunshine Coast. So it is no surprise that as part of a general pest control service we offer, ants are often a problem we need to deal with.

One of the problems with ants is that their nests can be a long way away and are often hard to find. They can become a particular nuisance in your home as they spoil food and just look unsightly too. Once they are in, you never know when they will pop back up again.

They are most commonly found in the kitchen as this is where their food source will most likely be located. However, they can also often be discovered where pets are fed and outside in entertaining areas. They will range far and wide for food, so if it is not kept packed in air tight containers, ants will be able to find it eventually.

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Some steps to prevent ants are as follows:

Locate their entry point and seal it off
Keep surfaces clean from food scraps. Ants are most attracted to sweet foods.
Clean floors of spills
Keep food in airtight containers or in the fridge

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Pest Control For Ants, Sunshine Coast

If you have a problem with ants that has become too annoying, and it is bigger than domestic insect sprays can handle, then give Little Critters Pest Control in Buderim a call. We can come and solve your ant problem fast, along with other annoying pests while we are there.

We use the safest chemicals we can to protect the health of your family, including your pets. This is especially important when we are working in the kitchen.

Get rid of ants today. Give us a call for a quote or to discuss your pest problems.

Also check our bed bugs removal service!

Some of the pests we can eradicate include:

Whatever pest you have a problem with, let Little Critters Pest Control remove them for you.

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