Pests that just love the summer heat

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Pest Control in Sunshine Coast

Well, first and foremost there’s the famous and terrifying redback spider, named after the long red stripe on the mature female’s back. They are not only highly poisonous, but cannibals too — the female eats the male while they mate — slowly. Since they like living near human beings, they are mainly to be found in urban areas. Redbacks are nocturnal and their main prey are insects, which they catch in their webs and then kill with venom. They breed all year round, but principally in summer. About 2,000 people a year are hospitalised after being bitten, but no one has died from a redback bite for over 50 years, since the antivenom was introduced. Although these spiders are not usually aggressive, it is best to call out Little Critters Pest Control to treat them safely.


Wasps appear in summer too — there is not a great risk of being stung by a solitary wasp, but colonies of paper wasps build huge nests and tend to become aggressive en masse when disturbed. Their sting is painful and can cause anaphylactic shock, which may be fatal without medical attention. Destroying the nests can be dangerous and should really only be done by experts wearing protective gear.


Cockroaches like dark, damp places near food — and the warmer the better. The Australian summer really suits them, just as it suits fleas and ticks too. There the danger is Lyme’s Disease for humans and tick fever or canine piroplasmosis for dogs — horses and donkeys can be affected too. You need to treat dogs regularly against fleas in summer too.


Mosquitoes can be found everywhere warm and damp — after all, they’ve been around for over 30 million years! They are attracted by heat, sweat and bright colours. Usually mosquitoes are just annoying as they sting, buzz, hum and whine irritatingly, and can be repulsed by repellent, but they can carry dengue fever, Ross River virus, malaria, yellow fever, Zika virus and Murray Valley encephalitis.


And then there are cute possums. You really don’t want them building nests in the attic or under the decking.


Don’t deal with serious infestations yourself. You can trust Little Critters Pest Control & Termite Management Specialists to get rid of all types of pests throughout the Sunshine Coast — insects or rodents, summer or winter. And they won’t come back.

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