Pests that you might not have seen before

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Well, of course the pests that you are familiar with will depend on where you come from, but presumably the Sunshine Coast’s scary and unusual spiders are at the top of your list of unknown pests! They are certainly very challenging. In fact, last year there was a huge spider at Mount Coolum, as big as two hands, nicknamed Aragog after Harry Potter’s friend Hagrid’s giant spider.

A clutter of spiders

The best known and most frightening spiders are huntsmen and redbacks, but actually there are so many different kinds of spiders — mainly poisonous ones too — on the Sunshine Coast that Ron Atkinson has even published a Find-a-spider Guide which pays homage to the remarkable photographs of spiders taken by the late Emeritus Professor Fred Rost of the University of New South Wales and his wife Sarah Cartmell.

Playing possum?

On the other hand, we all know what rats and mice look like — and that we are quite likely to shriek loudly if we see one at home unexpectedly — but how many of us have seen a possum close up? At least they look cute and clean and cuddly, even if we don’t want them building a home in our own backyard — or attic.

Solutions and results

Little Critters Pest Control & Termite Management Specialists gets called out daily to deal with all those and more: termites, of course, and cockroaches and ants, ticks, wasps and mosquitoes. Why don’t you call us in to check on your property? We’re efficient and affordable and address your problems individually. Having identified your particular pest issues, we design a science-based solution to resolve each one. Many of our treatments are also used in hospitals and restaurants, and each of our professional technicians is fully qualified and capable of evaluating, organising, scheduling, administering and monitoring your situation — and eradicating all the pests creating it. We keep right up to date and informed at Little Critters Pest Control, and use highly developed and advanced tools and equipment as well as the most recently approved chemicals, which are all environmentally friendly, safe and effective, to protect and supervise your home and our environment. We also recommend the best way to avoid any future problems.

Do call Little Critters Pest Control & Termite Management Specialists today to discuss how we can work together to preserve and maintain your quality of life.


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