Pantry Moths

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Pantry moths are the gift that keeps on giving, if your idea of a gift is disgusting and costs you money.

The moths hide their eggs in dry goods that you bring home from the shops. These items can be cereals, rice, pasta, or flours. Once they hatch the maggoty larva feast on the food they came in. The nourishment helps them grow into their final form, the pantry moth.

If you have ever opened the pantry or cupboard and a little moth flapped out, you might have wondered how it go in there. It lives there and it’s spreading. Sadly, once an infestation has hooked into your pantry the only way to get rid of it is to have a big clean out.

It is important when you are cleaning out the pantry to check every box and bag. If you think you have gotten the nest but they spread to another container all the time you might have spent cleaning them out would have been for not as they will start again. Sadly, the only thing you can do if you suspect a container is contaminated is chuck it out.

While the moths don’t live very long, the damage they do in a short time is incredible. An adult moth can live for one to two weeks but in that time, they will lay around 400 eggs. If you’ve seen a few moths the multiplication can get a bit scary.

Some people believe that freezing flours and grains when they bring them home from the shops helps protect their pantries from an outbreak. It might be something you might want to give a shot. The item only needs to be in the freeze for a day or two to neutralise the eggs.

If you have tried everything and still have the flappy pests around, give us a call and we would happy to help you.