Office pests: the non-human kind

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Office Pest Control Sunshine Coast

The office is a place that you might not think of when thinking of the creepy crawlies. We put it that way because if we say “office pest” we are sure that almost everyone can come up with one of those.

Fact is, the office is prime real estate for insects and rodents. Think about it, there is usually plenty of places to hide, and we all know about that cheeky snack that you keep in your desk drawer, so do pests.

One of the biggest offenders in the office is, of course, ants. We all have those co-workers that can’t help but turn the office kitchen into an ant welcoming party after they make themselves a cuppa. There’s a little spilled sugar, a little spilled tea, and cake or cookie crumbs. Now before you can say to yourself, “How do they live at home? Wait, is there cake?” there might already be ants coming in.

How often is the office fridge cleaned? Even if the food is always gone, even your lunch which you didn’t get to eat, how often is it cleaned underneath? This is one of the cockroaches favourite places to live. There’s food, there is the warmth from the fridge motor, and did we mention food? Honestly, there are not many offices around this planet that don’t have the ONE or two people that make a mess.

There are the majors in the office; you can add flies, rodents, and even silverfish to this list for just those reasons, but how about the one you wouldn’t think of? Bed bugs. There’s not even a bed, except that makeshift one you tried to fashion under your desk before your boss caught you. Fact is that bed bugs don’t need beds and are more common in the workplace than you might think. They could be brought in by some poor co-worker that might have them at home and maybe not even know it. Or they can could be shipped to you in the mail like some unwelcome office supplies.

No matter what pests have come into your office, Little Critters Pest Control can help. Contact our commercial pest control experts today to see how we can send most pests on their way, we can’t stop the person that stealing your lunch though. That might be an HR issue.

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