4 Precautionary Measures you can implement to protect your home

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We all know termites and the destruction they can cause. The very name termites can be enough to send fear into the hearts of homeowners everywhere. However, did you know that there are many ways to avoid termite infestation? Here are three precautionary measures you can implement to protect your home from termites.

1. Only Use Certain Types of Mulch

Mulch is a popular and attractive addition to many residential homes, however, mulch can act as a termite attractant. This is because termites seek soft and damp mulchy substances as a food source. Mulch also creates a damp and dark environment which termites thrive in. When dampness or mulch is found by termites they usually begin to build tunnels seeking where the moisture is coming from and in the process may access your house through cracks in brickwork close to mulched areas. You can prevent this by only buying termite resistant mulch.

2. Prevent Leaks and Moisture

Moisture is one of the top reasons why termites make their way into homes. There are many reasons why moisture can be present within the house from leaking toilets, shower heads and taps to the overflow pipes of air conditioning units and hot water systems. Prevent this moisture by ensuring that leaks are fixed immediately and that air conditioning drip tubes and hot water system are not leaking against the walls of the home and if they are, redirect the water away from the property or install a drain.

3. Keep Weep Holes Clear

Weep holes covered by vegetation, mulch or soil around the property are another common reason for termites entering a home. You should ensure that there is enough distance between the bottom of the weep hole and the ground. The Australian Standard even states that clearance between the soil and ground level or path to your weep hole needs to be 75 mm or greater. Covered weep holes make it easy for termites to travel through the vegetation or soil and straight through the weephole and into your home to begin wreaking havoc. Prevent this by ensuring that there is no concrete or pavers obstructing the holes and that there are no garden beds, soil or mulch covering the weep holes. Remember: At least 75 mm clearance between ground level and the bottom edge of each weep hole

4. Regular Professional Inspections

Perhaps the best way to prevent a termite infestation within your home is to have regular professional termite inspections. Here at Little Critters Pest Control we are Termite Management specialists and have the professional experience and equipment to solve any pest problem you may have and also prevent any future infestations. Contact the friendly team to talk about our Pre-Purchase Inspections, Termite Management Systems, Barrier Systems, Pest Removal & Treatment services.