Know your spiders

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They might make you scream louder than stepping on a rouge piece of Lego, but if you live in Australia spiders are just part of your life. It is important to know which ones are here to help or there to harm.

Below we are going to look at some of the most common spiders that could be in the darkened corners of your home right now.

How can something THIS big be harmless to humans? The huntsman can get very large and can be very scary looking. They feast on insects, small lizards, and frogs. While they do have venom in their bite it’s not fatal to humans.

The only thing scarier about the Huntsman, other than its look, is that it can live for up to two years.

Daddy Long Legs
The old myth that Daddy Long Legs are toxic but their fangs are too short is nothing but that; a myth. One of the most common spiders in Australia, the most worrying thing about them is walking into one of their webs when you least expect it and flailing around like your being electrocuted.

Think of these little critters as your mates though as they eat not only insects, but other spiders!

Black House Spider
Bet you thought we would finish with the Redback! The fact that you thought that means that you know enough about that little critter as it is. The Black House Spider is common in urban areas and can give you a nasty bite. While it is poisonous there haven’t been any reported fatalities from its bite.

It can live up for two years and loves to make its home in the dark corners of your shed or verandah.

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