Know your ants

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For the many you see in your home, there are thousands of more waiting their turn to snap of crumbs, sweet spills, or to infest your garbage.

While ants can be a pain, they can also be painful so it’s good to know which species of ant is in your home or garden and if they are going to give you a nasty sting. That might be easier said than done as Australia is home to over 1,200 species of ant.

Here are some of the more common ants that you might come in contact with.

Odorous House Ant
Don’t know if you have come across this one? Have you squished an ant and there was a strange coconut like smell? That’s this little fella. Harmless but annoying this ant and his friends will swarm everywhere from your kitchen to toilet.

Green Ant
Many a wonderful day outside has been ruined by this little critter. The Green Ant rarely comes into your home but will no doubt be in your garden. The Green Ant is most notorious because of its painful sting.

Meat Ant
The Meat Ant is about the same size as the Green Ant but doesn’t share the painful sting. Another one that is rare on the inside of the house but will have its way with your garden. They also have a reddish head which should not be confused with Fire Ants which are much more dangerous.

Bulldog Ant
Another large ant that can give you a painful nip. The Bulldog Ant is very aggressive and makes it home under rocks and logs in your garden. If disturbed it’ll attack aggressively and will bite repeatedly. The bites are very painful.

While these ants are annoying they are not harmful. However, if you want them treated we are happy to sort you out.

If you believe that you might have Fire Ants you need to report it immediately to the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) on 13 25 23.