Insect signs that you can’t ignore

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You might see the signs but try to ignore it. You know in the back of your mind that you shouldn’t ignore it but the thought that it might be a bigger problem fills you with fear. Ignorance might seem like bliss but at what cost?

An infestation of pests, while annoying, can end up costing your serious dollars if ignored too long. How do you know when that is? Could it just be a one-off occurrence or the sign of something much bigger? It will also be helpful to know if this is a situation that you could solve yourself or one that would require the “big guns” of a professional exterminator.

Here are some handy tips that’ll arm you with the knowledge you’ll need to know when the pest problem is out of your control.

It could be a ghost
Bumps and scratches in the night could be great grandma coming to find that brownie recipe you took after she passed or it could be pests. You know pests are a real pain when the ghost seems like a more pleasurable experience.

Sadly, the scratching, pitter patter of feet, and rustling that you hear in the walls isn’t the old owner of the house looking for the gold bars he laid in the basement, it’s probably rats, mice, or worse termites. If you have regular noises in your wall, it’s time to call in an expert.

We’re going to be honest with you. If you find insect poop in your house and you didn’t put it there for a prank on yourself. You have a problem. Actually, if you DID put it there as a prank, you definitely have a problem and not just of the pest kind. Call an exterminator and maybe a behavioural therapist.

One means many
You only saw one moth in your pantry? Maybe only a few ants on your window sill. That means there are more that you are not seeing. Best get an exterminator out to help you with the problem.