Put a Hit on a Tick! The Tick checklist

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How to Remove A Tick!

Watching the Amazon series “The Tick” is just awesome fun. What’s not fun is actually having ticks in your life.

While the little buggers are not only annoying, but their bites can swell up, itch like crazy, and worse give you some pretty nasty illnesses. Experts still debate over the reality of getting Lyme disease in Australia but why risk it? Even without a slice of Lyme, ticks can cause everything from severe allergic reactions, nasty infections and even paralysis. While the latter is more like to happen in the family pet than a human, it has been known to occur.

If the tick were the size of a horse, it would be a terrifying thing. Well, to be fair so would most insects. Ticks are apex insects as they have mouths like barbed swords that inject a toxin from their saliva that helps them feed on you. Want something even more disturbed? There are currently 70 known species of tick in Australia.

So, what do you do if you happen to find a tick on you? Try this simple checklist to keep the damage to a minimum.

Go to the Hospital!

If this is your first time with a tick, it’s better safe than sorry. Seek medical attention, and your doctor can use some liquid nitrogen to freeze it off. It’s better to take care of your first one around medical professionals as you might not know if you have an allergic reaction.

However, if this isn’t your first dance with a tick, you can try:

Spray the Tick!

Check your trusty can of insect spray that you have in the house. If it contains pyrethrin or pyrethroid, you can give the little critter a spritz to help send it into a daze.

Use The Tweezers!

Using some tweezers, preferably ones with pointy ends, grab hold of the tick as close to the skin’s surface as you can muster. Careful not to squeeze the tick as it’ll be like squeezing a lemon into your wound. That is if the lemon juice was more tick toxin.

Ticks are nasty critters and can be hard to avoid. Make sure if you go through the woods that you check yourself before going inside. For effective bug control and management in Sunshine Coast, make sure to contact Little Critters Pest Control on 1300-36-6656!


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