How often should I have a termite inspection?

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A common question that we receive is ‘how often should I have a termite inspection?’. The Australian Standard recommends that professional termite inspections be carried out at least once every twelve months and if your home is at high risk for termites, ideally more than once a year.

So what is an at-risk home and how often does your home need to be inspected for termites? Australia is considered a ‘hot-spot’ for termites as the almost year-long humidity and heat in most of the country are ideal conditions for termites. Termite colonies prefer an average temperature of 25-28 degrees, which makes suburban Australian homes the perfect place for termites to live and feed and therefore are at very high risk of infestation. Homes that are more at risk of infestation than others are homes where recent garden work has been done, homes where mulch is present in the garden, if there has been a water leak or if there are garden beds or timber right up against the house. This is due to the fact that termites thrive in dark and damp environments. Mulch is also an attractant for termites and having gardens or timber against the home attracts the termites close to and ultimately into the home. If your home has any of the above-mentioned aspects it is recommended that you get a professional termite inspection more than once a year.

Another common question we receive regarding the frequency of termite inspections is whether inspections are needed if a neighbour has termites found on their property. It is highly recommended that you get a termite inspection in this case. Termites can make their way onto a property unnoticed and can go undetected within a home until the colony has caused significant damage or grown substantially. This means that the termites within your neighbour’s house could have already infested your own home or even possibly began in your house before finding your neighbour’s dwelling.

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