Homemade Insect traps: Do they work?

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It seems that you can’t watch your favourite videos on YouTube without seeing a lifehack featuring a homemade insect trap. While they never look the easiest to make they can usually be constructed with items you already have.

But do they work?

Fruit Fly Trap

This is one of the most basic traps that will really help you deal with an annoying pest. Fresh fruit is always amazing to have on hand but as the months get warmer these little critters like to crash the Fruit salad party.

All you need to construct your Fruit Fly trap is a plastic cup, some cling wrap, a rubber band, some apple cider vinegar, and some optional citrus fruit peel. Pour a little vinegar and the optional fruit peel into the bottom of the plastic cup. Cover with the cling wrap and secure with the rubber band. Make a small hole with a toothpick or safety pin in the centre of the cling wrap. Trap is done. Now place it near the problem areas.

The smell of the vinegar will attract the Fruit Flies who will crawl through the whole and get stuck. Eventually they will drown or die due to lack of food. After a few days, you should notice a bunch of dead fruit flies at the bottom of the cup. One cup won’t cure the problem entirely but a few cups will get the job done.

Bottle Trap

Take a plastic soda bottle and cut the top two-thirds off the bottle to make a funnel. Flip it around and insert it into the bottom half of the bottle. Secure it with tape. Now, using paper or duct tape wrap it around the base to make the inside nice and dark.

This trap is good for mosquitos if you place some yeast, water, and sugar at the bottom of the bottle. They will go in but won’t come back out.

It will also work for wasps and hornets if you place sweet water (sugar and water) at the bottom.

While this won’t put us out of a job, it will help you in a pinch. If you have a serious problem with insects give us a call and we’ll bring a VERY big bottle.