Top to Bottom Myths and Truths About Head Lice

head lice myths and facts - misconceptions and truths about head lice

Head Lice Myths & Facts

It is a topic that sends shivers down the spine of even the most hardened parent. Head lice. A bug that can infest your life with so much aggravation has been doing it’s stellar job since day one.

Because head lice have been on the job for so long there are a lot of myths out there about them and what you need to do. Hopefully today, we can take a little of the power back from these irritating pests.

It’s not the season

There is no lice season, it’s a year-round problem. The reason that some might think there is a season is because of school. Obviously, the more that children are around other children the more likely they are to attract the little critters.

Only gross people get lice

This is the one that really drives people crazy. The idea that you or your family could have lice makes you think that you have failed with hygiene. The fact is that anyone can get head lice. While some people might think they are above lice, the fact of the matter is all that lice look for is a warm human head. Short hair, long hair, coloured hair, it doesn’t matter. If you have a head on your shoulders, head lice would love to move in.

Everything must be deep cleaned

Put the hazmat suits away! Lice love a human head, but they are infesting your house looking for a victim. They also NEED the human head to survive so anyone telling you that everything needs to be boiled and sanitized is either crazy or running a business that does those things and is looking for a customer.

Once the infected head is treated, a hot hairdryer over pillows or anything else that might have come in contact with the head lice Titanic will suffice in making sure that remaining eggs have gone to meet their makers.

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