Five questions you should NEVER ask a pest controller

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In one of our recent blogs, we wrote about the questions that you NEED to ask a qualified pest controller before you book their service. This was meant to be helpful for you to ensure that you get the best service you can.

This blog is for us, in a way, because as you can imagine when we are out visiting those fantastic Sunshine Coast homes and businesses doing everything from termite inspections to all types of pest control, we get asked some “interesting” questions.

Here are some questions you should NEVER ask a pest controller.

Ever thought about drinking the chemicals?

We could be guaranteed that it tastes like the most excellent cold beer on the hottest day and we wouldn’t do that. The chemicals that we use are meant to ward off or kill pests. While they are safe to be around, ingesting them is something entirely different. Don’t ask this. We don’t think about it.

Are you ever scared?

Day in and day out we go into the darkest corners of your homes and businesses to see the things you can’t and get rid of the creepy crawlies in your life. Pest controllers are a brave lot that are afraid of no insect or rodent. Though we have been known to be a bit shocked by those that answer the door in their “birthday suits”. It’s for this reason we confirm appointments.

What’s the grossest thing you’ve ever seen?

Trust us; you don’t really want to know this. You’ll never sleep again.

Do you know Jim?

This one happens more than you think. We know a Jim, but probably not the same one that you do.

Who do you back in the State of Origin?

What kind of question is that? Not only are we proud Queenslanders but we take out cockroaches for a living! Of course, we go for Queensland! QUEENSLANDER!

Hope this little advice column was as helpful as a Little Critters Pest Control treatment at your place!

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