Five questions you should always ask a pest controller in Sunshine Coast

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Pest Control Questions in Sunshine Coast

We know that you want great service from your pest controller and it’s up to you to separate the pros from the cons. It might seem strange that a pest control company would offer you advice that would help you shop around, but we want you to be safe whether you use us or not.

With that in mind, we have come up with a list of five questions, as well as the reason behind them, that you should always ask a pest controller.

How long have you been doing this?

Any pest controller worth their salt has been doing it for a while. Whether they just opened their own business after working under a mentor or have been working for the same company for years, it’s important to have someone that has seen a gamut of situations. Those with years of experience will know all the tricks of the trade as well as those secret hiding places that pests could be.

What about my pets and plants?

In most cases, you don’t have to vacate your home or business while a pest controller is spraying chemicals. If you have small children or if you are pregnant, we do recommend that you leave the premises for the short time it takes for the treatment to dry on surfaces.

When it comes to your pets, it’s best to remove pet food and water bowls, and try to keep cats and dogs away from the area the pest controller is spraying. It is also essential to cover any fish tanks and reptile enclosures.

Plants will be safe as the chemicals used will not be absorbed into the leaves and there is no reason to spray a plant anyway.

Can I get a quote?

If the company tries to pressure you into booking them without a quote, they are in the business for the wrong reason. Always demand a quote before booking.

How long will treatment last?

You want to make sure that you get the bang for your buck and not a whimper effect for that hard-earned cheque. Check to see if there is a guarantee on the service and what time frame they will include if they need to return for another treatment.

Are you as good as Little Critters Pest Control?

They will know that there is no comparison to the knowledge and expertise that we have when it comes to making sure pests are gone and termite inspections are done to the letter. We go above, and beyond which is why we have the best reputation on the Sunshine Coast. Contact us today!