Are the chemicals you use safe?

Yes, they are all environmentally friendly and registered chemicals for public use. The range of products we use today are derived from natural sources or synthesized from natural derivatives.

A lot of the new generation products target parts of the insect biology to which mammals either are not susceptible, or at least our level of tolerance is far superior to the insect. So by careful selection we can reduce the impact of our treatments on you, your family and your pets.

If it rains on the day of treatment, will it wash all the insecticides away?

We use the most advanced external control agents such as ‘Biflex Ultra’. This low toxic but effective insecticide is insoluble and will not be leached away by rainfall or watering of gardens. If heavy or continuous rainfall is expected, our team will contact you and work out the best option.

If it rains after treatment, will it weaken the residual effect of all areas treated?

No. Approximately 95% of any home treated is not even accessible to the rain. (internal of home/ building, kitchen cupboards, roof void, garage, sub-floor area, outbuildings, sheds, under eaves etc.). With regards to external garden areas, please see answer of previous question.

What’s the difference between the products you use and the products I can get at the supermarket?

We do not treat the homes of our customers with cheap products that can be found at the supermarket or over the counter at other retail establishments. Our customers appreciate the fact that we take pride in offering only the best products and services for pest control and treatment. Our products last longer in the environment than cheaper pest control products. Our pest control and treatment products are allowed to be stronger and more highly concentrated. Our products are designed to take care of the root of the problem, not “just the ones you see.”

I have pets, what do I have to do to keep them safe?

Make sure their food and water bowls are removed during spraying and animals are kept away from the building while treatment is underway.

Do I have to leave while you carry out the treatment?

This depends on the pest being treated. Generally you don’t even have to leave the premises unless you are concerned. Our techniques are very localised and the technician will advise you where and when you can enter.

Treatments that involve applying pesticides into the atmosphere or fine mists (such as flea treatments) will require you to leave the premises for a short period of time.

Where do you treat?

That really depends on the pest. All our treatments focus on the places where the particular pest will breed, hide or feed. In most cases, internal treatments are kept well away from contact with you. If you are concerned, our Pest Control technician can explain what will be done in your home before he starts. In most cases, treatments can be slightly modified if you have any major concerns.

Do I have to take everything out of my cupboards?

The only things we ask you to do is to remove and cover open food packets. Our techniques are designed to carefully target specific areas, and we use special covers where required. You are always welcome to discuss your special situation with the friendly staff at the time of booking or with your technician prior to commencing the treatment.

Do you work on weekends and nights?

Yes, we certainly can perform pest control and treatment services on weekends and at nights by appointment.

After Treatment FAQ

How long before I can come back inside?

Generally speaking, once any liquid pest control treatment has dried it is safe to enter the area that has just been treated.

Do You offer a Service Warranty?

With pest control and treatment, you cannot always find every nook and cranny that the pests are hiding. We design our treatments to try and stay one step ahead of the pests, however you can’t always second-guess nature.

Depending on the pest we offer a 12 month warranty for residential general pest treatments and a 3 month warranty for commercial general pest treatments.

I still see pests!

It takes time to flush out pests from the cracks, crevices and wall voids. Our pest control and treatment products are designed to actually let the bugs survive for a time, usually 7-10 days before they become active. This allows the product to be shared among other members of the nest. That way we treat the disease and not the symptom!

How can I help control the Pests?

Keep it clean! All pests are after 3 things: food, shelter and warmth. Keeping both the inside and outside of your home tidy is the first step of controlling your pest problem.

How often should I have a treatment?

Normally a pest control treatment is only required every 6 to 12 months. However, each situation is different and depending on the severity of infestation you may need additional treatments.