Eat a Pest! Insect Delicacies from Around the World

edible insects for humans - insect delicacies from around the world

Edible Insects for Humans!

When you stumbled across our blog this might be the last thing that you think you might be reading.

Sure, we here are Little Critters Pest Control & Termite Management Specialists are all about eliminating the creep crawlies from your life but we are also always on the look out for other options. Why not a bit of tucker.

Many cultures around the world have been taking those insects that bite and decided to bite back so we thought we would list some of the tastiest bugs from about the globe!

We’ll start off with one that should be palatable to anyone. Chocolate covered ants, just think about it as a nice chocolate with a special nut inside. These treats have been described as having a nutty flavor so you’re already halfway there. On top of that it is said that eating chocolate covered ants is great for the immune system.

How about some home-grown fare? Witchetty Grubs have been a staple in the Aboriginal people’s diet, so it has to be pretty good. It’s high in protein and can be eaten raw or cooked. Maybe for the first time cooked might be the best option.

Ready for a real party for your taste buds? Why not a bag of pregnant crickets? You didn’t misread that. In the northern parts of Thailand, you can get a back of cleaned, roasted, and salted crickets and eggs. Just a thought for your next BBQ.

How about something for those cold winter nights? How about an oven-baked spider? In Cambodia, you can get a tarantula oven baked and ready to make a home in your digestive system. Though, we’re not sure white type of wine would go well with any of these.

After that, maybe what we do is still the better option for most bugs.

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