Off-the-shelf pest control vs a professional pest controller

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DIY vs Professional Pest Control

Are you a true DIY enthusiast, or do you prefer to bring in the real experts? We all have worrying problems from time to time, and serious infestations of dangerous pests are certainly amongst the nastiest. Treatments may be quite costly, and chemicals potentially dangerous. Certainly in this case prevention is far better than cure.

What’s involved…

But getting rid of repellent bugs and rodents requires rather more than just putting down bait or heavy spraying. You have to eliminate what attracts them in the first place. A clean kitchen is the immediate priority, and then it is essential to remove all sources of damp and to seal suspicious holes and crevices.

Bugs, beetles, worms and flies

A bed bug infestation means that everything in the room, from paintings and tables to mattresses, needs to be either steamed or treated with powerful, efficacious chemicals. With wood-boring beetles or woodworm, the wood has to be treated, or even replaced if the infestation is very serious. Cluster flies need sprays, dust, fly lights and sticky boards — and perhaps a Catchmaster GloStick where there is no electricity.

The art of delegation

On the other hand, do you yourself have to jump through all these hoops? Do you really want to? What are you so determined to prove? And to whom? There are better ways of spending your time — and less dangerous ones too. Seriously, why don’t you learn to delegate and simply contact Little Critters Pest Control & Termite Management Specialists? You can safely and responsibly hand over all your pesky, pest problems and start living again.

Stand back and watch the Pied Pipers at work

Little Critters Pest Control & Termite Management Specialists will get rid of rats and mice too, and bees and wasps — and spiders. Not having to worry about all that will really improve your Sunshine Coast way of life. Instead of trying to deal with everything by yourself, might it not make sense to consult professionals who spend their whole working lives tackling matters like these, and who always provide a comprehensive service to their clients? Little Critters’ technicians are all fully qualified and licensed. We use up-to-date pest control techniques and technologies, and safe, environmentally friendly pesticides to protect your family, property and business from any infestation. Relax, and rely on us for efficient preventative measures, regular checks and extermination services.


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