The Cost Of A Pest Control Treatment

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At Little Critters Pest Control, we have a variety of pest control options to suit your needs. The cost of our pest control service will depend on your pest problem, if it is a regular treatment, the size of your property, and how many times we will have to visit to solve the problem.

Included In Pest Control Prices:

Experienced advice
Safe chemicals used
Prompt arrival time
Clean up procedure when necessary
Courteous, discreet service



Pest Control Prices for Sunshine Coast


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General Pest Treatments – From $130

This includes the treatment of your home both inside and out. Some pests targeted in the service include cockroaches, spiders, silverfish and other insects. You do not have to move your cupboards or other furniture for us to supply this treatment.

Ant Treatment – From $140

We inspect your property thoroughly to locate the source of the ant infestation. Next we identify the species and launch protective methods that are specific to that species of ant. Our staff will use the right combination of sprays and bait to protect your home. In addition to treating the interior of the building, we will also treat the exterior, garden bed edging and any cavities near the walls.

Flea Treatment – From $110

We will apply an insecticide and flea dusting to control the adult fleas spraying all carpeted areas and under cupboards etc. Rugs and mats will be treated on both sides and lifted to treat the area underneath. This treatment can also inhibit the hatching of flea eggs that may be hidden in your carpet fibres. To allow the treatment enough time to work on hatchlings, do not vacuum for at least 7 days after our visit.

Moving out of a rental property? Sometimes real estate agents require you to get a flea treatment if you have had a pet during your tenancy. Call us today to ensure you get that bond back!

To successfully rid your home of fleas, multiple treatments may be required. We also encourage clients with flea problems that have dogs to wash them regularly and clean pet bedding with hot water.

Bed Bug Treatment – Priced Per Job

Little Critters Pest Control specialise in bed bug treatments. We can provide this service for homes or also hotel bed bug control services.

Our aim is to quickly eliminate bed bugs with as little disruption to your life as possible. Bed bug treatment requires a very comprehensive approach including the use of chemical and physical methods to rid your home of bed bugs.

If you think you have bed bugs, do not panic. There is no need to throw out all the bedding or beds! We use proven methods and the latest technology to eliminate bed bugs fast. We also offer preventative bed bug treatments for resorts, hotels and motels.

Rodent Treatments Costs – From $75

Chemical bait treatments can be added to safe boxes to prevent pets or children from coming into contact with them. As rodents often seek shelter in roof voids, we will pay attention to these areas too. If you locate any holes or entry points in your walls or ceiling, be sure to cover these.

The price of rat and mice extermination depends on whether you have a home or commercial property and how serious an issue it is.


All our pest control and treatment services are given a guarantee period applicable to the pest. Ask our staff about your guarantee when booking your next service or pest inspection.

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Our goal is to protect your family, property and business and to ensure your residential or commercial property remains pest free, and most importantly safe.

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We believe it is our professional service that sets us apart from the rest. Our experienced pest control team will arrive on time and complete the job in an efficient and discreet way.

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From termite protection and simple insect or ant treatments through to preventative measures for restaurants and cafes we can offer any extermination service you need.

Techniques and technologies

At Little Critters Pest Control, we use the latest in both pest control techniques and technologies. We are also proud to say that our products are selected on stringent criteria for safety and efficiency to ensure quality care for your home (and our environment). This includes the latest chemicals that are much less toxic than older options

All our pest technicians are licensed and fully qualified so you can trust them to provide sound advice to save you money and protect your assets.

To read more about our comprehensive range of residential and commercial pest services, for insects such as ants, cockroaches, termites and more, or for rodent removal service on the Sunshine Coast, contact us today.