Seasonal bugs and what they do

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We are getting into a wonderful season. What season? Well, that depends on when you are reading this. One thing we do know that is it is currently A season whenever you read this, and different pests can be causing havoc.

Here is a brief snapshot of seasonal pests and what they can do.


Winter is always a great welcome in Queensland, especially on the sunny Sunshine Coast. The cooler months not only give us a break from the heat, but a lot of pests take this season off. It is during this time that you will see a lot less ant activity, mosquitos will not be bothering you, and cockroaches will slow down their breeding.

What winter does bring is rodents. These warm-blooded little homewreckers will be looking for a place to keep warm during the colder months, and your home or business is all too inviting. Once burrowed in, rodents can cause damage to drywall, wood, electrical work, and that’s not even mentioning the disease that they bring in with them. Treat your place for rodents this winter, and you won’t be welcoming the snakes come spring.


Sadly, winter on the Sunshine Coast never lasts as long as you would hope. Spring arrives and with it comes the influx of ants and cockroaches. These little buggers have been laying eggs all winter, and now it’s time to spring to life. Moths and wasps are other insects that love the spring. We just can’t believe those cartoons we would watch as kids that showed spring is all about flowers and butterflies.


Summer is peak pest season! Ants will be crawling all over anything that’s not moving and some things that are. Termites and cockroaches are fully grown and doing their thing while mosquitos and flies are typically annoying.

This is the time that most people call a pest controller, but with comedy and pest control it’s all about timing. You should arrange for an annual pest control just before Summer starts.


Does this season actually exist on the Sunshine Coast? Well, for the day or two that it does, you will notice a lot more snakes and rodents as both of them try to stock up for the winter.

If you are overdue for your pest control, contact Little Critters Pest Control as we will have the solution no matter what the season.

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