Favourite cockroach hideouts!

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Cockroach Pest Control Sunshine Coast

There are no two ways about it; cockroaches are gross! You might not be one of those people that lets out the unexpected squeal of fear if they see one, but there are not many people on this planet that want them living with them.

Even if you don’t see them all the time, that’s not to say that they haven’t already made themselves at home. Below we will be sharing with you some of the favourite hiding spots for these pests, so you can check if you need to send them packing, or start charging rent.


We all have them, those boxes that you put in the garage or storage cupboard that you would unpack “one day”. Maybe you’re saving those boxes for a future move or “what if” occasion. Well, what you have done is established a cockroach high rise that they would love to live in. Not only do they love living and laying eggs in cardboard boxes, but that might also even be the way they got brought into the house in the first place.

If you have a lot of storage boxes, it might be time to go through them and see if there is any evidence of a cockroach motel.

Toaster, Oven, Grill

You might not think of this one at first because of the whole “won’t that kill them?” aspect but remember; cockroaches are tough. Not only that but these areas are warm, dark, and probably have enough food to feed an army of them. It would serve you well to have a look in, around, and behind these appliances to see if you are creating a cockroach hot spot.


“Didn’t you just say warm?” Yes, but the motor of the fridge is also nice and toasty, and honestly how often do you clean the stray frozen pea that gets kicked under there on occasion? Thought so. Check under the fridge for cockroaches, and you might even find that pen you lost a few months ago.

If you find evidence of cockroaches, you can try to treat the area yourself, but if there is one hiding spot, there is bound to be others. Contact us at Little Critters Pest Control, and we can give those cockroaches an eviction notice that they won’t be able to ignore.

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