Cockroach horror stories

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Cockroach Pest Control Sunshine Coast

Everyone on the Sunshine Coast has their terrifying cockroach stories — the Internet is full of cockroach stories from every warm country in the world. And, as you might imagine, because of the line of work we are in, Little Critters gets to hear most of those stories, or variations of them, sooner or later. Whether we’re at work in the office and someone is terrified by an infestation of cockroaches calls up or calls in, or whether we are just trying to relax over a beer in a bar, there are countless, endless stories of cockroaches trying to build a nest in a child’s ear or a whole, huge epidemic curse of them taking over a whole property. They’ve been known to live en masse in old videotapes and in computers, in kettles and in toothbrushes, and masquerade as wallpaper — and they breed and breed and breed.

The curse of the cockroach

Why do cockroaches revolt and disgust us to such an extraordinary degree? Why do they inspire such irrational but genuine fear and horror? Well, it seems they always have — the ancient Egyptians and Romans loathed and despised cockroaches too and psychologists report many cases of cockroach phobia and even patients who are paralysed by them. They claim that a cockroach phobia is just the same as an irrational fear of heights or of crowds or even of spiders. But perhaps you don’t need to go to a psychologist — if you are on the Sunshine Coast just contact Little Critters, leave the problem in our capable hands and relax.

Mental, but physical too

And it is not just psychological phobias: there are now studies linking an allergy to cockroaches, especially in children, to asthma and associating asthma attacks with exposure to cockroaches.


Even if you’ve never been harmed by a cockroach, but only startled by them, you probably feel they are invading your space when you see one scuttling by — they creep up on you, and that is a revulsion that is very difficult to overcome.

Little Critters eradicates cockroaches

In the 1990s we thought we had beaten the cockroach, but now they are back with a vengeance. If you are coming across more cockroaches than you should — not just the occasional one that’s lost and you can deal with perfectly well yourself — don’t hesitate: call Little Critters Pest Control & Termite Management Specialists straight away for effective cockroach removal. We’ll deal with them for you fast, and make sure they never return.


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