Are cockroaches the ultimate bug?

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Professional Cockroach Control in Sunshine Coast

The old saying goes that if there is a nuclear war, there will only be two creatures left on the planet. One is a cockroach, and the other is Keith Richards. While we also think the legendary Rolling Stones guitar player just might be an immortal, we don’t know if he can stand toe to toe with the misunderstood cockroach.

Let’s face one fact first, not many people like cockroaches. The fact that them living in your house can cause allergies and asthma symptoms to flare up, but they can also carry some pretty nasty bugs, pun intended, of their own.

There is also a reason that they have a reputation as a survivor because they are capable of some pretty amazing things. For example, did you know that a cockroach can hold its breath for 40 minutes? Might want to think about that next time you flush one down the dunny without making sure it’s squashed. That not something that you wish to come crawling back when you hit the loo later that night.

Another reason you might not want to give it a ride down the bathroom waterslide is that cockroaches are cold-blooded insects which means that they can live for an extended period without food, about a month, but can only live about a week without water.

If you have ever tried to squash one with a thong, then you also know that they are fast. An adult cockroach can run almost 5 kilometres an hour. That’s not even mentioning that a baby cockroach is no larger than a speck of dust can run just as fast as mommy and daddy.

Cockroaches are fascinating creatures, but at the end of the day, they are a health risk pest that Little Critters Pest Control know how to take care of. We serve the greater Sunshine Coast area so while you can appreciate cockroaches, you don’t have to live with them.