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Termite stories


Termite Treatment Sunshine Coast William Morton Wheeler, an early-20th-century American entomologist started off believing that termites and ants were communitarian and democratic, but then began to worry that they foretold “the eventual state of human society”: “very low intelligence combined with an intense and pugnacious solidarity of the whole.” How much? In the USA, termites… Continue reading →

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What are Termite Management Systems?


All You Need to Know About Termite Management Systems in Sunshine Coast Termite Management Systems, also called pre-construction treatment zones, use chemicals and physical products to either force termites into the open so they can be observed or eliminate and therefore prevented from getting into buildings. “The Building Code of Australia (BCA) requires that buildings,… Continue reading →

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Protecting your home against termites


Termite Protection Sunshine Coast As you know, termites are dangerous insects, which eat trees and wood products — even cardboard and paper. They do untold damage and can destroy a home if effective, appropriate measures are not taken. Termites look like winged ants, but, unlike ants, they shed their wings after they have swarmed and… Continue reading →

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Termites in Queensland


Termite Control, Treatment & Management Systems Sunshine Coast There are over 360 species of termites in Australia. That is almost as many cheeses as in France, but I don’t recommend eating them. They do a lot of harm to cellulose-based products like crops, timber as they ‘recycle’. Some species are worse than others, but it… Continue reading →