Annoying moths? Send those dusty buggers to the big light in the sky

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For the most part, moths are not much of an event. Sure, they might be fluttering around your deck light from time to time. You might even see one of those big ones that make you say, “what the heck is that? A face hugger?” before running away screaming because it flutters at you.

Sometimes, though there are those moths that get into your house and cause a big mess with their powdery wings as well as their appetite for your food or clothes. Now, we aren’t talking about pantry moths, as those bad boys deserved and received their own blog. For this instance, we are talking about wardrobe moths and those big fellas that might follow you in at night.

Wood, but not a stake

Moths are funny creatures, they are like the unholy cousin of the butterfly, and because of that, they are repelled by something very strange. Wood. Cedarwood to be exact. If you place blocks or cedar wood chips in your closet or any area that you want to deem a moth “no fly” zone you will see those suckers fly away so fast you would have thought that they were hummingbirds.

DIY Moth Trap

There are plenty of moth traps and baits that you can buy from the store, but they charge a lot for something you can make with things you probably already have at home. Remember when you wanted to get healthy and bought all that fish oil? Then you didn’t like the fish oil burps later? Well, if you take the fish oil and spread some on some flypaper, you have a moth trap that is going to work better than anything you get premade! Once caught, toss it in the bin and enjoy the moth free life.


It doesn’t seem like there can be a list of anything that doesn’t include vinegar, that’s because the stuff has so many amazing uses. Make a vinegar spray, with one-part vinegar and two parts water, and give the wardrobe or cupboard a good spray with the solution. This is a warning to moths that this area is not for them and it might get rid of the old sneaker smell while it’s at it.

Of course, if none of these tricks are helping, you can contact the team at Little Critters Pest Control who will be more than happy to help you with bug control in Sunshine Coast

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