Stink bugs: Why they are disgustingly amazing

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Bug Control Sunshine Coast – How to Get Rid of Stink Bugs

The most common reaction when someone hears the word “stink bug” is to scrunch their nose in disgust. We have to admit, the name of the bug does give it a bad reputation. Who would think fondly of something that has “stink” in its name? And don’t get us wrong- stink bugs do omit a ghastly odor when threatened. However, the truth is that stink bugs- while they may sound and smell disgusting- are actually pretty impressive insects.

Contrary to popular belief, stink bugs don’t bite or sting. They are relatively harmless to us; the only discomfort you may experience is a few minor scratches from their sharp exoskeleton if one walks on you. They are also capable of performing several, usually unnoticed, tricks. Unlike many other bugs, stink bugs are able to emit multiple scents. However, the only scent that we notice is the foul odor they produce when threatened or killed. In reality, they can also emit a pheromone only detectable by other stink bugs. They release this chemical odor during the winter months to let other stink bugs know where they’re hibernating.

Aside from being interesting, stink bugs can also be helpful. There are some kinds of stink bugs that actually eat other pesty insects. For this reason, they’re actually helpful to keep in the garden. Stink bugs will feed on caterpillars, leaf beetle larvae and other insects that can damage your garden. Stink bugs themselves, however, will do no significant damage to your plants. Luckily, they don’t have any natural predators so they can stick around for a long time. The only thing they need to watch out for is parasitic wasps that try to attack stink bug eggs and nymphs. However, adult stink bugs- the kind that are most helpful- can live full lives of six to eight months, if undisturbed by humans.

While stink bugs aren’t particularly prominent in the Sunshine Coast around this time of year, they can be found year-round. During the fall and winter months, they tend to go into hiding, but come September they will be out and about. The next time you see a stink bug, remember to forget the negative stereotypes associated with their kind and appreciate them. They truly can help humans so much. At the end of the day, while it’s unlikely that you’ll take a stink bug as a pet, you can remember the important work they do and simply remove them from inside your home rather than kill them. After all, they really are disgustingly amazing. Contact Little Critters Pest Control specialists today to know how we can help you.

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