Are you Allergic to Bugs?

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What To Do if You Are Allergic to Bugs

It is never fun to get a bite or a sting from a bug. Most of the time it will develop a small bump and itch like crazy. If the bite is venomous? Well, you have a lot more problems than the itch.

While the world likes to look out Australia for the dangerous snakes, spiders, and sharks there is an ever-growing problem with allergic reactions to more common insects.

Bees are an insect that people are aware can be dangerous. There are many, and probably some in your family, that have extreme allergic reactions to bee stings that could even cause death. The honey bee is known to be the most common insect to cause allergic reactions in all of Australia. That’s right spiders, the honey bee is taking your top title.

Wasps are the fast-growing problem in Australia as it’s hard to know if you have an allergic reaction to them until you are already in need of an ambulance. The European Wasp is the biggest upset as it can sting many times and is more aggressive than the Australian Paper Wasp.

Did you know though that there is an ant that is also climbing up the nascence ladder? The Australian Jumping Ant is a major cause of anaphylaxis and is identified by its aggressive hopping motion.

It is normal to have a slight irritation to a bite or sting but if swelling, spread of the irritation or if you start experiencing problems breathing you need to seek medical attention right away.

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