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Scariest places rodents have shown up

Mice / Rats

Rodents Control Sunshine Coast Finding evidence of a rodent problem in your home isn’t the best feeling in the world. Still, it could be better than seeing the offending critter itself. What would you say if we said that it could be worse? Now before you get the matches to try to cleanse your house… Continue reading →

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Favourite cockroach hideouts!

Cockroach Removal

Cockroach Pest Control Sunshine Coast There are no two ways about it; cockroaches are gross! You might not be one of those people that lets out the unexpected squeal of fear if they see one, but there are not many people on this planet that want them living with them. Even if you don’t see… Continue reading →

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Dealing with feathered pests

Birds Control

Birds Removal Sunshine Coast When most people think about dealing with pests at home, they think of the creepy crawly kind; cockroaches, ants, and spiders. There are others that think about the small and furry problem of rodents, and there are still even more that think of that one neighbourhood kid that likes to kick… Continue reading →

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Home remedy to send ants back to their holes


Ants Control Sunshine Coast Ants are one of the most common pests not just on the Sunshine Coast, but in several places around the world. How can that be? You might ask yourself. The reason why ants are so common is because they are one of the easiest pests to attract. Even the smallest crumb… Continue reading →